Install package ide-haskell-hoogle. Refer to Atom Flight Manual for details on installing packages.

Package supports using either local Hoogle database, or remote one (hosted on and/or

  • Local database requires hoogle executable, plus you will need to build hoogle database for hoogle itself to work.
  • Remote database obviously requires connection to the Internet

Choosing remote or local database

By default, package uses “new” remote database from You can change that using Hoogle Type setting:

Setup for local database

Install hoogle

You can use cabal, stack, or your favorite package manager.


cabal install hoogle


stack install hoogle

Build local hoogle database

You can use either hoogle-4 or hoogle-5, either of these versions will work. However, hoogle-5 is recommended.

If not sure what hoogle version you have, run hoogle --version.

You should get output similar to this:

$ hoogle --version
Hoogle 5.0.12,


$ hoogle --version
Hoogle v4.2.43, (C) Neil Mitchell 2004-2012

Hoogle v4

You have a choice between installing basic database and extended database.

Installing extended database will take a lot of time and memory!

To install basic database, run

hoogle data

To install extended database, run

hoogle data all

Hoogle v5


hoogle generate --download

This will get you the database used on

Point the package to hoogle executable

You don’t need to do this if hoogle is in PATH, i.e. if you can type hoogle in the terminal, and won’t get ‘File not found’ error.

Open Atom’s settings, Packages, find ide-haskell-hoogle, then set Hoogle Path to full path to hoogle executable. For example, if your hoogle executable is located in /home/user/.local/bin/ directory, put /home/user/.local/bin/hoogle into Hoogle Path.