This package provides a way to interact with ghci (or, alternatively, cabal repl or stack ghci) from Atom.

Repl backend selection

ide-haskell-repl will try to automatically select the correct repl backend (stack/cabal/ghci) based on current builder chosen in ide-haskell-cabal. You can choose none builder to use ghci in plain projects (a.k.a. projects with no *.cabal file).

If ide-haskell-cabal is unavailable (e.g. disabled), ide-haskell-repl will fall back to defaultRepl specified in settings.

Using ide-haskell-repl as IDE backend

ide-haskell-repl can be used to employ GHCi as an IDE backend (in place of ghc-mod etc). At the moment of writing, this mode is somewhat limited, but it does provide types on mouse hover and checking for errors/warnings on save.

To enable, go to ide-haskell-repl settings, and enable “Show Types” and “Check on Save” options: "Show Types" and "Check on Save" checkmarks are enabled

Make sure ide-haskell-repl is the only active backend (that is, disable haskell-ghc-mod package if it’s installed)

Bear in mind that GHCi can be, at times, a memory hog.

Using on Windows

On Windows, interrupting ghci will kill it. There is no good solution to this problem at the moment, but there is a “bad” solution.

You need to get ghci-wrapper.exe executable from (or if you don’t trust random binaries you’ve downloaded from the Internet, you can build it from source – you only really need ghc for that)

Then you need to specify full path to this executable in ghciWrapperPath setting of this package.

For example, if you placed ghci-wrapper.exe in C:\Downloads directory, you need to put C:\Downloads\ghci-wrapper.exe in ghciWrapperPath setting.

Finally, restart any open REPL sessions.

Repl-specific commands

To send command, or move through history, you can use the following commands when focused on repl command editor:

  • ide-haskell-repl:exec-command
  • ide-haskell-repl:history-back
  • ide-haskell-repl:history-forward
  • ide-haskell-repl:ghci-reload

Note that this commands are bound specifically to repl editor, which has CSS selector of atom-text-editor.ide-haskell-repl.

You can rebind those in your keymap, e.g.

  'ctrl-enter': 'ide-haskell-repl:exec-command'
  'ctrl-up': 'ide-haskell-repl:history-back'
  'ctrl-down': 'ide-haskell-repl:history-forward'

Just don’t forget to disable default bindings in ide-haskell-repl settings, if you don’t want them.