The Atom-Haskell packages assume that you have at least a minimal Haskell toolchain installed on your system. See for your options.

Core Atom-Haskell packages

  • language-haskell – Syntax highlighting and Haskell autodetection ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!
  • ide-haskell – GUI and minimal utilities ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!
  • ide-haskell-cabal – Build Haskell projects with either cabal or stack. Reports errors/warnings on build.
  • haskell-ghc-modghc-mod integration. Typecheck and lint sources without building, query type information and more.
  • autocomplete-haskell – Autocompletion support. This plugin depends on haskell-ghc-mod.

Extra Atom-Haskell packages

Binary dependencies

  • stylish-haskell, hindent or brittany – prettify/format your source code. Used by ide-haskell
  • ghc-mod – backend that does heavy lifting. Used by haskell-ghc-mod
  • hasktags – indexes your sources for easy navigation. Used by ide-haskell-hasktags (Optional)
  • pointfree and pointful – convert source to pointfree or pointful representation. Used by haskell-pointfree (Optional)
  • hoogle – Haskell API search engine. Used by ide-haskell-hoogle