Installing packages

Refer to Atom Flight Manual section on packages for more detailed information

You can find a complete list of Atom-Haskell packages on package registry

There are binary dependencies which are not touched upon in this section. Refer to next section for a guide.

Pick-and-choose approach

You can pick and choose what packages you want and do not want to install. However, bear in mind that language-haskell is absolutely mandatory, and ide-haskell is most likely required too.

Most people would want at least core Atom-Haskell packages, which can be installed with a simple apm (Atom Package Manager) command. From terminal, run:

apm install language-haskell ide-haskell ide-haskell-cabal haskell-ghc-mod autocomplete-haskell

You can install other packages on case-by-case basis.

Whole bundle approach

There’s a community bundle that automatically installs most Atom-Haskell packages and a few extras.

You can find it at

Since this is a community package, it is not directly supported by Atom-Haskell.